Tec Petaja

Tec Petaja received his first 35mm film camera as a high school graduation gift from his parents, but it was not until he embarked on an excursion through India and Nepal that he would discover his love for photography. 

Since then, he has been traveling the globe–from the sun-kissed shores on the island of Nevis to the basalt columns of Vik—searching for his next adventure. Petaja’s ability to capture the authenticity and beauty of his subjects is what makes him one of the most sought-after wedding, lifestyle, and destination photographers in the industry.

When he’s not on a plane flying to his next destination, you can find him at home in Nashville, Tennessee where he currently resides with his wife and sweet baby Pax.

Upcoming Workshops

It took years of grunt work and hustle for Tec to make it as a wedding photography. Even now, he’s still pushing the limits and learning lessons; lessons he wants to share with you.


    Date / April 27, 2018
    Location / Bloomsbury Farms